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How to Hire an Estate Sale Company in Austin, TX

Who needs to hire an estate sale company in Austin, TX?

Many people have never even heard of an estate sale until they find themselves in a position where they need one themselves. The most common reasons to hold an estate sale are if you’re moving to a new state or a new country, downsizing or as part of the estate settlement process. Many people who hire an estate sale company are planning to sell their home, and they need to have the home cleared out and ready to be listed on the market as soon as possible.  

Estate sale in Austin, TX

How much does it cost to hire an estate sale company?

While some estate sale companies in Austin, TX require a minimum commission or an upfront deposit, most companies will not charge the client any money out-right; their commission and additional fees (if applicable) are deducted from the gross sales after the sale concludes.  

Companies generally charge anywhere between 30-60% of gross sales as their commission, and a company may have a sliding scale they use depending on the state of the home to be liquidated. This is the approach that Burgess Estate Sales offers – if a home requires extensive organization and trash removal ahead of the sale, the commission rate will be higher than a home that is reasonably organized and requires less effort to stage.

When you’re considering hiring an estate sale company, the cheapest company is almost never the best option. Sure, they may charge a lesser commission, but if they do not have experience, it is likely that they will under-price high value items. Once it is all said and done, you would make more money hiring an experienced company that thoroughly catalogs items and sets fair market value prices, even though they charge a higher commission.  

estate sale promotion for recent sale in Austin, TX
A recent sale by Burgess Estate Sales. Art Deco furniture, Persian rugs and Victorian jewelry appraised and priced accordingly.

What can you expect from the estate sale company you hire?

Beginning with the very first exchange, a client should feel like the estate sale company is happy to answer questions and concerns. Responsiveness is a reasonable expectation for a client to have. The estate sale company should be able to explain their process, and terms and conditions (as outlined in their contract) in a very clear manner. If additional services are needed, such as a clean-out following the sale, this should be discussed ahead of time and included in the contract.  

After the sale, a client can expect an itemized list of sales for items that sold for $100+. Additionally, the final summary should include a straight-forward breakdown of the gross sales, sales tax, the company’s commission and any additional fees that were discussed ahead of time, i.e., final removal fee, advertising, etc.  

What services does the commission cover?

An estate sale company charges a commission from the total sales to cover their services. This includes:

  • Organization

  • Cleaning

  • Pricing

  • Professional staging

  • Equipment – tables, shelving, etc.

  • Promotional services

  • Staff hours during the sale

  • Final preparation of sales records

The company invests significant resources in each sale that they run, and the final outcome provides a client with a cleared-out home + a nice payment to boot.  

The Burgess Estate Sales Difference

When you hire Burgess Estate Sales to handle your estate sale, you are choosing a company with expert appraisal and art evaluation background, rigorous negotiation skills, and a high-level network of specialists to ensure accurate pricing for rare and valuable items. Burgess Estate Sales prides itself on making sure that no item goes overlooked leading up to a sale, and designing enticing displays that highlight the estate.

Down to the simple details of branded price tags and shopping bags, Burgess Estate Sales has thought of everything to facilitate the ultimate customer experience and drive maximum sales for their client. If you are based in Austin, TX or the surrounding area and need to hold an estate sale, reach out to us to schedule a free, in-person consultation.

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